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Tasty Mummy – Feast to Taste Buds

Hello I am Priya Arun, I am the host of “Tasty Mummy“ from Chennai, the buzzing capital of Tamil Nadu.

In my channel, you can view traditional, authentic, flavorful, delicious Indian Cuisine and World Cuisine recipes. You can learn recipes with easy step by step instructions and cooking tips in home style.

I have started this channel to share the collection of recipes that I learned from my cooking experience with everyone across the globe.

Beginners can quickly learn variety of recipes from my channel. I am posting recipes with videos to assist you with cooking at your kitchen.

Homemakers can learn many recipes with different taste, style and cooking tips from my channel.

Food lovers can learn different kind of home style recipes which tastes like restaurant style recipes.

Cooking means feasting to taste buds. The secret of cooking is giving healthy and also tasty feast to the taste buds of your loved ones. If you learn to make any dish that kindles and satisfy the taste buds and also makes your tummy feel yummy, then you will be the master chef at your home. Let’s enjoy the joy of cooking.

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Stay tuned to “Tasty Mummy” to enjoy cooking and feasting to your taste buds.

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